magiczoomplus v4.0.7最新无水印版本

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magiczoomplus v4.0.7最新无水印版本


Magic Zoom Plus™ version 4.0

October 11, 2011 – Perfecting the ulitmate zoom, today we present:

Full support for iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android;

Set height or width of expanded image;

Pan & zoom expanded image;

Hint overlaid on small image;

Zoom position set by external id;

Zoom alignment to main image;

Title on inner zoom;

External source of a title;

New pounce effect for switching multiple images;

Initialization on hover;

Hide zoom window on click;

CSS class for an active selector;

shadow and glow effects behind zoom;

option to swap images only (disable zoom and expand);

show/hide right-click menu;

option to translate button tooltips;

New API methods for expand and restore;

Click anywhere to close expanded image;

Automatically re-position zoom window to fit page.

We hope you enjoy it!

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